Mojobot is a tangible coding robot and board game that makes it really easy for kids to pick up and learn the core principles of coding and robotics. Mojobot is designed with both fun and educational value in mind, stacked with sensors, actions and an extendable physical coding platform.

So easy! Just place tags into console and press GO!

Mojobot teaches your kids about logic, science, technology and maths.

Mojobot is designed to get people together. Enjoy this unplugged, screen-free coding platform together with family and friends. Collaborate and challenge each other in the Mission Cards board game!

It's family time, get together and play with Mojobot.

The Mojobot robot set contains a lot of hardware. With in the packages you will get a Mojobot robot, command console, extension console, coding tags, jigsaw map, and tokens that Mojobot can pick up and carry around.

Enjoy Mojobot with console, map and game tokens.

Mojobot is a stacked robot. Full of character, sensors and actions! Get Mojobot to talk and show different eye expressions while roving to pick up and deliver Tokens. This means that Mojobot is full of fun and activities!

Mojobot is a stacked robot.

Use to console to command and program Mojobot. The consoles are designed to be modular and extendable. Want a longer code? Just insert the add-on console to the right hand side. Want a sub-routine? Insert the add-on console on the bottom side.

Place your coding commands and press GO.

Add-on Console: Extend your main code.

Add-on Console: Create a sub-routine.

Mojobot has got tons of different coding tags. There are more than billions of coding possibilities you can do with these coding tags, and this is just for one Console!

With these you can command Mojobot to do different tasks and show different behaviors. Our tangible coding platform is a comprehensive system that allows the use of loops, if statements, wait command and parameters such as numbers and sensor inputs.

Use the coding tags to make Mojobot do whatever you want.

As important as the robot and our coding platform is the curriculum and activities that will teach kids coding and robotics in a fun way. This is paramount because learning only happens when children are engaged, and engagement happens when they are interested and having fun.To this end we have created the Mojobot Adventures Stories book and a Mission Cards Game to assist learning.

Our books give a step by step guide and the cards offer endless game play and practise.

Learn about sequences, planning and navigation in Book 1.

Learn about automation, control algorithms, coding logic and conditions in Book 2.

Our background is not only in engineering. We are a team of educators that consistenly teach STEM and robotics to children of all ages. Over our two years of development, We work with closely with kids on a daily basis to extensively test and refine Mojobot.

Mojobot has been extensively tested with kids.

Mojobot Basic Set

Enjoy all basic functionalities and play the Mojobot board game. Recommended for kids ages 4+.
  • Mojobot Robot x1
  • Main Console x1
  • Coding Tags x42
    • Movement Tags x12
    • Number Tags x16
    • Action Tags x11
    • Flow Control Tags x3
  • Map x1
  • Mojobot Book 1 x1
  • Mission Cards x33
  • Tokens x14
  • Mojobot Chess Figures x4

Mojobot Extension Set

Combine the Extension set with the Basic set and get all of the possibilities of Mojobot. Here you will get the add-on console and advanced coding tags. Recommended for ages 6+.
  • Add-on Console x1
  • Coding Tags x34
    • Movement Tags x6
    • Number Tags x6
    • Action Tags x2
    • Flow Control Tags x8
    • Sensor Input Tags x8
    • Sub-routine Tags x4
  • Mojobot Book 2 x1
  • Mission Cards x22
  • Obstacle Box x2